The Best Kratom Website List

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The Kratom Website List is a short list of kratom businesses which are all associated with the American Kratom Association. They follow strick guidelines of The Good Manufacturing Practice Standards Program, which ensures a quality product for consumers. They also are advocates of the Kratom Consumer Protection ACT which has been adopted by seven states. This allows Kratom to legally remain as an uncontrolled supplement for the well being and health of the people. Only a handful of states have banned Kratom use, which is being battled in courts. The FDA and DEA have no scientific evidence for their claims.

NameCapsules / PowdersLiquids / ExtractsRed / White
Green Strains
What Makes Them Unique
GoldenMonkYesN/AYesConcentrate on quality
AustinOrganicYesYesYesPackage Deals
LaughingLionHebsYesYesYesThey have Kava
Left-Coast-KratomYesYesYesSample packs, gummies & soft gels
MIT45YesYesYesWholesale available, strong reviews
NewDawnKratomPowder OnlyN/AYesPowder only
Buy Kratom Bulk USAYesN/AYes56 different blends

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